You’ve got something special to offer the travelers that walk through your door. But are you 100% confident you’re communicating that something special in a way that gets you more reservations for your travel or hospitality business? Do you really have all the visitors you could ask for, or would you be thrilled to get more bookings?

I’m a travel copywriter & journalist based right here, in the Pacific Northwest.

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I help travel businesses tell their stories in a way that translates into more bookings, more reservations, and more bottoms into booths at their restaurants. Visitors come to the Northwest to be captivated, seeking experiences that will leave them telling new stories of their own. Often the choice between your business and someone else’s comes down to how well you can spark their imagination while they’re still at home planning the getaway they’ve been looking forward to for weeks, months, or longer.

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How well does your story captivate the minds of hopeful travelers?


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Shari is very personable, professional and detail-oriented, and a great writer. She is accurate and able to meet deadlines, and the response to her work was always very positive, both from the subjects she wrote about and the community at large. Elizabeth Larson, Lake County News
Shari wrote insightful and compelling reviews, supplying valuable quotes for publicity of the plays she viewed. Her articles were always on time and her cheerful willingness to take on any assignment made her a pleasure to work with. Marie Bonfils, Drama in the Hood